Seminar to Latvian doctors on EVELOR®

A scientific seminar was held last week in Riga, Latvia on the latest clinical studies on resveratrol. The lecture was given by a Professor of Pharmacology and was attended by a significant number of doctors as well as pharmacists.

The discussion revolved around some new findings on resveratrol, such as the effect of resveratrol on the delayed onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease.

The event was organized by our Latvian team who is doing a remarkable job communicating to healthcare professionals the multiple benefits of EVELOR® on human health. We are happy to announce that EVELOR® has become the #1 resveratrol in the Latvian market!

Both doctors and patients have tried it and benefited by its effects as an immune booster, cardio-protective, liver-protective and many more.


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