AGETIS participates in the 7th Annual Marketing & Sales Meeting of Medochemie

The 7th Annual Marketing & Sales Meeting of Medochemie Ltd was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on November 9th – 12th 2015. It was attended by Country Managers, Marketing and Sales Managers from all parts of Europe representing the local offices of Medochemie.                                                                                      

This annual gathering of European pharmaceutical executives showcased interesting presentations of success stories, new products development, overall performance and added value to brands. The central topic of discussion this year was the OTC and Food Supplement products and markets. AGETIS, as the partner of Medochemie in Food Supplements and Medical Devices, was a key participant in this conversation. 

The Sales & Marketing Manager of AGETIS, Nicolas Stephanou, delivered a speech on the growing Food Supplement market and the opportunities that lay ahead. He presented exciting recent developments of the company as well as ambitious expansion plans. 

Combining the high-quality science-based food supplements of AGETIS with the vast global network of Medochemie is a key factor for success. The Medochemie Managers were excited to hear that they will have the opportunity to enhance their portfolios with new and high-potential AGETIS products. We are looking forward to grow our collaboration and fulfil our vision to become one of the leading global companies in the nutritional supplement market.