AGETIS launches EVELOR forte & EVELOR H based on new research on resveratrol

Resveratrol has long been implicated in providing significant health benefits to people, from cardio-protection to normalization of cholesterol and sugar levels in the bloodstream.

A newly published study has shown, this time in human subjects, that it can benefit Alzheimer patients, confirming previous findings on the action of resveratrol in delaying the onset of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes and cancer.

Another study on resveratrol has addressed a more prevalent health issue: Liver Disease. This ongoing clinical study has produced amazing results in the decrease of liver enzymes and shrinkage of fat in liver fatty disease. This study is using EVELOR as the source of resveratrol for the patients, with daily doses from 50mg to 200mg per day. This clinical research is the first of its kind that provides concrete evidence of the liver-protective properties of resveratrol in humans.

In our efforts to provide to consumers science-backed supplements in a convenient dosage, we have launched two new strengths of resveratrol, EVELOR forte 100mg and EVELOR H 200mg. EVELOR has a patented formulation on active trans-resveratrol in a micronized formulation for increased absorption and bioavailability.  EVELOR is available in many countries around the world and can be found at pharmacies.


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